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All GMB products are designed and manufactured in-house in Poland using high quality components and materials. Having full control over design and production process, we are able to offer innovative, high-end solutions without high-end prices.

Gun Metal Bullets was created out of love for dynamic shooting.

Anyone who does competitive sport knows that in order to achieve better results one should devote a lot of time to regular training. Unfortunately, in dynamic shooting, it also involves considerable, fixed expenses on ammunition. Therefore, in order to make the most of the weapons we have available and to reduce training costs, we started reloading. After some time, however, it turned out that in order to produce good-quality ammunition, based on the brass collected at the shooting range, a reloading press and good quality dies just wasn’t enough. We noticed that a few percent of each batch of ammunition produced won’t fit a case gauge and it was not the fault of a bullet seating die or seating process itself. After thoroughly analyzing the problem, we came to the conclusion that it was the fault of either a damaged rim or the so-called Glock bulge. This was the moment when we focused our attention on the process of case rolling. At that time, case rolling machines were not available in Europe and the cost of shipping, taxes and customs fees were very high. We decided to design and create our own machine, which will be faster and in every way better than machines available on the market. This is how the GMB rollers family was created and the idea to design and put on the market other devices essential to speed up the reloading process.

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